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House history

In 1969 the Club moved from its own premises at Kungsportsavenyn 8 to its present premises at Skyttegatan 1, which at that time were owned by the Swedish Shipowners' Association.

Like so many others in the Lorensberg district, the house was designed by the wellknown Gothenburg architect Arvid Bjerke in English style, and was built in 1916 for shipowner Herbert Metcalfe.. It is of deep violet handmade brick, with light granite mullions round the windows. The English influence is emphasized by the high-angled roofs,, the varying roof heights, the tall chimneys and the differing shapes of the windows. The interior, too, is English, with its mahogany-panelled walls, built in cupboards and open fireplaces. Where lavish fixtures are concerned, the premise have no equal in the district.

In 1922 the house was acquired by shipowner Dan Broström whose  widow, Ann-Ida donated it to the Swedish Shipowners' Association in 1956 on the condition that she should be allowed the use of the premises until her death. However, the Association was unable to make use of the building for modern office purposes, and therefore leased it to The Royal Bachelors' Club when Mrs. Broström died in 1965.

Consolidated funds, but first and foremost contributions from generous and far-sighted representatives of commerce and industry in the city made it possible for The Royal Bachelors'Club to acquire the premises from the Swedish Shipowners' Association in 1987.

In May 2001 the Town City Council decided to include our house in the exclusive selection of "Most interesting buildings of Gothenburg”.

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